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A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is actually two procedures combined into one. We start with what is called a “360 Lipo,” meaning that we suction fat from the abdomen, waist, flanks, back (including upper and lower back) and bilateral “bra rolls.” We then “transfer” fat into each hip and buttock to achieve your desired look. Dr. Dowbak also specializes in transgender BBL surgery.

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History of BBL

The procedure was first pioneered by one of the greatest plastic surgeons ever, Brazilian Plastic Surgeon Dr. Ivo Pitanguy at the beginning of this century, a mere 18 years ago. Dr. Pitanguy inspired plastic surgeons from around the world with his innovative approach to helping patients achieve their “dream body.” By infusing 1,500 – 2,000 cc of fat into each hip/buttock continuum of his patients, he was able to achieve stunning bodies that adorned the beaches of Rio and eventually South Beach.

2015: The Year of the Rear

The procedure became extremely popular and by the year 2015 it was estimated that about 320,000 BBLs were being performed worldwide. In fact the American Society of Plastic Surgeons dubbed the year 2015 as the “Year of the Rear.” Since Dr. Pitanguy was Brazilian and Brazil’s culture has long celebrated women’s backsides in songs and poetry, it was natural to refer to Dr PItanguy’s innovative approach to buttock (“gluteal”) augmentation and shaping as a “Brazilian Butt Lift.” Since 2011 Brazil has hosted the “Miss Biumbum” contest and annually crowns a “Miss Bumbum.”

Preparing for your Surgery

Dr Dowbak has performed over 3,000 BBLs and typically does over 120 per month. To best prepare for this dramatically transforming experience here in Miami, she suggests the following:

  • Stay at one our certified recovery centers. Dr Dowbak has no financial relationship with any facility and chooses those who best take care of her patients. Amongst The Best are: 1) Paradise Recovery (Call Rosa at 305 546-6666), 2) Nurse Joseph (954 670-4678) – She has a five day retreat and can also see you in your hotel or Airbnb. 3) Dolls Recovery

  • If you are going to stay at a local hotel we suggest Element, Aloft, Best Western Premier (Closest) and Courtyard at Marriott or one of many by airport; this is not a time to stay at an inexpensive hotel far from the surgery center. Your comfort is important to your recovery


  • BE SURE to pick up your Prescriptions before your surgery. Very frustrating having someone try to find a pharmacy to fill your scripts including pain medicines after your surgery.


  • Dr Dowbak STRONGLY recommends using the CELL SAVER during surgery. The extra cost is $525. Dr Dowbak does NOT profit in any way from this. She strongly recommends it for patient safety reasons. It ensures a saver procedure, a faster recovery and a greater percentage of fat will survive. Nurses can tell who has had the benefit of the Cell Saver in Recovery (it is that good)


  • If you will be at home or hotel, be sure to stockpile: electrolyte solutions such as GatorAde, Adult Electrolyte Solution, Classical Coke (Not Diet Coke, the syrup in Classical Coke was used in the 1950s to control nausea, that is all we had!) and food items such as soup and crackers for the first 24 hours. Uber Eats is great if in hotel or Airbnb.


  • Most common reasons surgeries are CANCELLED BY ANESTHESIA: 1) Blood pressure not controlled. Be sure to take your blood pressure medications with small sip of water the morning of surgery. 2) Positive drug test for cocaine-do NOT smoke or vaporize marijuana prior to surgery as much of marijuana in Miami is laced with cocaine and you might not know it and it will show up on our drug tests. 3) STIMULANTS- Phentermine and Adderall will show up and anesthesia will cancel surgery.


  • Avoid Post Op Constipation-Narcotics given during and after surgery can cause uncomfortable constipation. Do not eat anything heavy for 3 days prior to surgery. Day before surgery just take liquids. When tolerating food after surgery, take 3 apples per day and stool softener such as Colace 3x per day.


  • Do Not Eat or drink anything after 10 pm the night before or as told by Dr Dowbak or staff (for those scheduled late in day (4pm or later), OK to have a very light breakfast no later than 6 am
After Care Instructions Immediately After Your BBL

You will have a lot of RED COLORED DRAINAGE. This is NOT BLEEDING. We put in 4-5 Liters of salt water solution (“tumescent”) to help break up your fat and we want it to drain out. Be sure to protect your furnishings!




  1. Be sure to have a backup faja as the one we give you in surgery is likely to get stained from the drainage and be uncomfortable to wear. Wear as frequently as possible first 4 weeks. Wear foam and board immediately as tolerated and then for first 2-3 weeks. After 4 weeks wear a hook and eye abdominal binder as much as possible for next 4 weeks to ensure maximum “snatching” of waist.


  1. Fluid replacement and food intake: Take small sips of electrolyte fluids (Adult Electrolyte Solution which can be found in CVS or Walgreens, Gatorade, pineapple juice etc.) and small pieces of easily digestible food (soup broth + crackers, toast and jam) the first day. On first post op day, take double scoop of your favorite ice cream twice per day and a milkshake a night and do this for 5 days in a row and stop. Your body will break down fat if it needs energy. Though we do not have scientific evidence, it is hoped we can “fool” your body into breaking down these fats instead of your newly transferred fat. 
  2. It is normal to feel weak after a BBL. If checked, your hemoglobin level will be very low. This is from blood loss during surgery and dilution of blood from infusing up to 5 Liters of salt water solution (tumescent) into fat to help break it up and allow for easy liposuction and 3-4 Liters of saline solution intravenously (Almost 2 gallons of salt water solution). For example, if you have one pint of blood then add one pint of salt water solution, you will still have the same amount of blood, but the measured blood count will be 50% less.
  3. IMPORTANT in immediate post op phase: When you are discharged from the recovery room, be sure you know when to come in for your first post op checkup; on your first visit for massage therapy, you will be given foam and boards to wear under your faja. The foam will help prevent bruising and keep abdomen flat and the boards are for more flatness in the abdominal wall. Wear for the next 2-3 weeks as tolerated
  4. Keep pressure off buttocks as best as possible. May start applying gradual pressure to buttocks at 4 weeks post operation.
  5. Start light walking on second day, gradually increase duration of walking. No Gym exercises till week 8.
  6. Non-penetrative sex at two weeks, penetrative sex at 6 weeks.
  7. Start lymphatic massage at post op day 1-3 as tolerated.
  8. Take Antibiotics first 10 days after surgery. If get yeast infection stop antibiotics and take one diflucan 150 mg tablet right away.
  9. Lovenox- Heparin injection to help prevent deep venous thrombosis (DVT). I recommend on a patient by patient basis. For those patients coming here from long distance (by plane, car or train) I recommend one injection post op and one injection prior to leaving. In some cases a third injection day after arrival home. Patients who are from South Florida I do not ordinarily recommend lovenox but it still is dependent on how prone to DVT I feel you are (e.g., patients who are “post phlebitis,” have spider veins and reticular veins on legs, should get lovenox). Anti-embolic stockings should be worn the first 4 weeks.
  10. Do not forget to get your letter so you can pre-board your aircraft if flying home as well as your Return To Work form.
  11. Any disability forms that are required to be filled out, be sure I do this before you leave. Completing these after you arrive home can be problematic as I am in operating room all day and staff are very busy with daily responsibilities.
  12. Continue to stay in contact with Dr. Dowbak after surgery. Photos of you in new outfit are always much appreciated. Many of our patients go on to start new relationships or rejuvenate current ones. In fact new families are sometimes started and to date Dr Dowbak has two children named after her!

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“My experience was wonderful Dr.Dowback is amazing he answered all my questions and explained exactly what he was gonna to my body. He’s made me feel so safe and was there after the procedure making sure I was ok. My massage I got the day after was amazing!”

– Hope

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